If you have any welfare concerns, please contact our Student Information & Welfare team who will be able to assist or refer you to a member of our Safeguarding Team.

Here are some sources of support within the College and externally.

Mental Health and Wellbeing
1 in 4 people is affected by a mental health problem in any year and it is estimated that around 1 in 5 people has contemplated suicide or self-harm. 
 For students
·         Take care of them. It is important that they take care of themselves. If they have heard something distressing or if something is troubling them, the Student Counselling Service offers confidential help from one to one appointments, to Time to Talk and is open to all students.
Time to Talk Helpline 0141 272 3786.
Time to Talk
Helpline Day: 1pm – 3pm, Monday to Friday
The helpline is staffed by counsellors and all you need to do is provide your 8 digit Student Reference

 ·         GCCSA Mental Health Support for Students 

 ·         Contact our Mental Health Coordinator, Kirsten at report&support@glasgowclyde.ac.uk 

  For staff
·         Contact their HR advisor 

 ·         Employee Assistance Programme - MCL Medics

 ·         Access support through our Time to Talk Helpline  0141 272 3786.
Time to Talk
Helpline Day: 1pm – 3pm, Monday to Friday

External (also see external resources)
  • Citizens Advice provides some useful information on the different types of harassment and hate crime people may experience including disability hate crime, racist and religious hate crime, sexual harassment, and sexual orientation and transgender identity hate crime. 

  • Family Lives provides some information and advice on bullying at College 

  • The National Union of Students (NUS)  has put together some top tips on how to deal with bullying. 

  • See Me  See Me is Scotland's Programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. 

  • Young Minds has put together a blog on how to deal with bullying at College 

  • RespectMe Scotland’s Anti-Bullying Service, includes support for online bullying 

  • LGBTYouth Scotland Scotland’s national charity for LGBTI young people has a number of groups covering a wide section of the LGBTI community. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for people who may feel isolated, are coming out or are new to the area. 

  • West of Scotland regional Equality Council (WSREC)  represents the many needs of our diverse minority ethnic communities 

  • Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA)GDA is a thriving disabled people led organisation with 5000 members across Greater Glasgow 

  • ACAS  Acas gives employees and employers free, impartial advice on workplace rights, rules and best practice 

  • Police Scotland Hate Crime Reporting If they have been targeted because of their disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity, or they are aware of someone else being targeted, they can report it here. 

  • SAMH Scotland’s National Mental Health Charity 

  • Victim Support. When you report a crime to the police, they should automatically ask you if you would like help from an organisation like Victim Support. But anyone affected by crime can contact them directly you don’t need to talk to the police to get Victim Support help.

   If you would like to submit information on a support service you think might help others, please contact us with details by using the Talk To Us form in the top right hand corner.

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